Mark Hamilton explains to Neothink Society members how a persons deep motivational drives will contribute to their success.

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  1. Thank you Mark Hamilton for explaining Deep Motivated Drives & how they associate with our Friday Night Essences. Also it’s the deep motivation that drives us to become the people we’re meant to be & continue creating withy our FNEs

  2. My first FNE was an exhilarating moment for me. That was my
    motivational drive. I felt so good inside and out I decided I wanted
    that same feeling again and again. I’ve had that same feeling over and
    over again many times. That motivational drive also is what Mr. Hamilton
    said on one of the trilogy books “I will not except for you to give up”
    That kept me going.
    Thank You Mr. Mark Hamilton for all you have done for me.

  3. Value creators, through their friday-night esences, deep rooted their motivational drives them to become a succesful entrepreneurs, with the powerful tools of the neothink literature of mini-day, power-thinking-team, tracking-report and the essence meetings, it motivates the business to reacch its highest. Through our deep motivational drives mankind moved from the bicameral mentality to consciousness and make the leep to neothink mode. Value creating is a play for adults.

  4. Take away a persons Freedoms and you take away the persons Deep Rooted Motivation, but with the Prime Law then the person has their Freedoms and therfore the persons Deep Rooted Motivation is Restored.

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